Application modernization and optimization
ap3All these years, your company must have spent vast amount of resources for enhancing the worth of your business applications. However, these applications might be outdated, very costly to manage and become inefficient. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on fresh applications many companies are enhancing the performance and structure of existing applications. Olden mechanisms for making these applications contemporary like replacement of current applications would be costly because, you will be in a risky position to lose intellectual capital; you have created all these years that is found deep into your systems.

Cloud Analytics technologies will be helpful in modernizing the existing applications and this will ultimately save your vital time and money spent on purchasing fresh packaged applications. Cloud Analytics technologies make use of comprehensive technology and industry proficiency that will ultimately update your legacy applications into a group of contoured and flexile progressions and applications.

Take a look at some of the application modernization and optimization services we offer
Application portfolio estimation
We inspect the application portfolio for estimating the contentions, risks and repressions. We determine and compute for enhancement that matches your IT and business missions.

Application road map and application reasoning
We inspect and estimate options for making the applications contemporary depending upon information analysis and invention of application software’s. We contemplate recommendations for achieving the mission of architecture and modernization road map depending upon return of investment and business worth.Exertion of application modernization Application understanding
We create application documentations for supporting modernization and enhancing the testing and maintenance competence.

Application modification and SOA enablement
An array of approaches are taken into consideration for modernizing and upgrading applications, which will ultimately improve business worth and return of investment.

Data and application narration
We rationalize and amalgamate applications and data for eliminating redundancy and improving proficiency, which will ultimately improve the quality of the data.

Server work load amalgamation and movement
We determine, plan and apply server workload amalgamations for diminishing the prices and complexity and at the same time amending to a contemporary and extensible platform.Smooth functioning of applications is mandate for an organization to drive business results with higher revenue. Cloud Analytics assists in identifying which applications needs to be modernized or optimized. Our team also helps in guiding you with a proper solution, such as, renewal, replacement, consolidation or enhancing of the applications in the portfolio.With the frequent changes in technology, the applications need to be updated in time by time. As the applications are major and essential for the organization growth, thus we have to modernize the system without the loss of data or processes while saving time and procedures.

Positive Outcomes:
• A new and advanced application within budget
• More managed application portfolio
• Minimum risk
• Removal of non-performing systems
• Modern, advanced and sustainable solutions integrated within application

Cloud Analytics stellar professionals follow an advanced set of tools to optimize performance of the applications. Our onshore and offshore teams collaborate with clients, understand their requirement and provide the best-in-class solution in order to avoid functionality overlaps. We assess the functionality of the applications and provide technical and functional solutions for it to sustain for longer time, in order to reach the corporate ethics and goals. We also provide performance reengineering operations which allow IT teams to proactively manage the applications performance to meet user expectations within the estimated budget. Applications degrade time by time and led to performance slow down. Thus, application modernization is required to streamline the process and to retain the investment made in applications.